"EZRcurtainchange" Innovative design

Finalisation of our "EZRcurtainchange" Innovative design, has been confirmed with the approval of our Australian Patent application.
Over five years since the inception of the method of operation we were trying to achieve, the product has finally been recognised as innovative.





With successful installations in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, we are now moving forward with finding ways to highlight the product to specifiers throughout Australia. In these Covid affected trying times, we need to reinvent the wheel as methods successfully used, over the past 32 years of assisting specifiers by providing product details for assessment, the lines of contact are blurred with digital contact being preferred to what was the conventional "touch and trial " approach, sadly technology is impeding the contact required to get information to the right person.

We will continue in our search to get our message out , with the view to making the market aware of the advantages of our Australian made, EZRcurtainchange system.


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